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Amujamu is an online service that enables users to research, find, and book travel experiences worldwide. Amujamu offers a variety of tours, tickets and services made available by Amujamu's third party suppliers through Amujamu's and its affiliates' websites and mobile properties and related applications.


Sabina Yeasmeen

Chairman of Prochito IMC Ltd. and Prochito IT Solution

A true enthusiast in Bangla literature, she is an avid reader and devoted fan of Rabindranath Tagore. Her wide and diverse knowledge in advertising and communications has provided her with the ability to grow a successful organization like Prochito IMC Limited. It is her strong willpower and dedication that is pushing this organizing to strive for excellence. Now Prochito has its own software company.

Technologies we use!

Since the beginning of time technology has helped us out as a human race. From the invention of the wheel to space, technology has been a significant factor in the way our civilization has grown. To coup up with an ever-changing trend, we use different technologies such as Symfony, Laravel, VueJs, ReactJs, Docker, Git, Selenium, NodeJs, Python, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Experience Design, Balsamiq. And our genius and creative team is always ready to learn new things.

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Our Skills

Enterprise development
ERP diagram
Software quality testing
Mobile application
UI/UX designing

Director Board


Bindu Jamal


A tech enthusiast that's what he is known for. With educational background in advertising, he is working on modernizing Prochito IMC LTD. with the help of technology.He is one of the dreamer of Prochito ITS.

Mohammad Saef Ullah Miah


He is committed to direct the team to fulfill the goal. He has great analytical power and decision making skills.he encourages his team to think different. He is one of the dreamer of Prochito ITS.

Our Team


Md. Moman Ul Haque Khan

Project Manager

Breaking the barrier by being a technology enthusiast

Rony Debnath

Software Engineer

Repeatedly fixing what others unintensionally broke!

Mosharof Hossen

Software Engineer

Coding is an art, a type of poetry

Tonmoy Ghosh

Software Engineer

Always passionate to develop code

Yasin Arafat

Software Engineer

Programming is not about typing, it's about thinking

Mahady Hasan Pial

Software Engineer

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Noyon Islam

Jr. Software Engineer

I love Django 3000 times.

Md. Nazmus Shakib (Robin)

Jr. Software Engineer

Coding is the logic and Bug means the opportunity of learning.

Mohammad Sohanoor Rahman

Android Developer

Like bike riding, working on mobile application is a long way to go.

Smaron Saha

Graphic Designer

I am not good at anything but I love design

Joseph Jacky Gomes

Front End Developer

Design is so simple,Thats why it is so complicated

S. M. Nur Alam

Software Tester

I always learn from mistakes of others who take my advice

MD. Shajahan Islam Sani

Jr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer

You were born an original. Don't die a copy. - "John Manson"

Arshnul Bari


Still searching the secrets of SEO

Our Interns


Md. Touhidul Islam

Backend Developer Intern

A good way to stay flexible is to write less code.

Fariha Jabin

Software Quality Assurance Intern

Do more than just exist.

Our Projects

Amujamu.com is a global tour and activity marketplace. With its simple and super easy yet a powerful interface you can find suitable tours or activities in your desired destination. The site also supports multiple currency and languages. You can find guided tours, community-based tours or other activities like cooking classes or spa. Just search and book your tour. At Amujamu, you will get best tips from the experts. No hassle of complex payment methods or booking system. All are there on your fingertip either you are on a pc or a mobile phone. Take a trip, take a breath. Use our innovative services at any time from any location across the globe. Stay tension free about your tour bookings.

Ohtshirt.com launched on Wednesday, 02 December 2015 as a T-Shirt designing and buying-selling social market-place in Bangladesh. This online T-Shirt store is an initiative of Prochito ITs. Its office is situated at Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Artists of the country are invited at ‘Oh! T-shirt’ platform to explore their artistry skills for designing innovative/ingenious T-shirts and earn. Ohtshirt.com is the first ecommerce site of its kind in Bangladesh for designing and selling both T-shirt and its diagram/layout. The Online purchaser can buy and order verity of T-shirts from Ohtshirt.com.

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